6 tips on how to increase your vertical fast!

6 tips on how to increase your vertical fast!

how to increase your vertical dreamIf you are looking for ways on how to increase your vertical, this post will take you through the 6 most important things to include in your training. Just how fast can you increase your vertical jump? Pretty fast! If you really go for it, you should expect an increase of minimum 8-9 inches over an eight week period. Let´s dig into the different ways you can us to get a better vertical.

1. Use plyometric training

Plyometric exercises are exercises where you do a short stretch on your muscle followed by an explosive contraction. Plyometric workouts are commonly used to improve vertical and speed. Science has shown over and over again that Plyometric exercises (especially “drop jumps ”) can dramatically improve vertical.

A very popular vertical program that includes plyometric drill is Vert Shock (created by basket superstar Adam Folker and award winning dunker Justin Fly). Vert shock is an eight week program that show you how to increase your vertical jump without weights (read our full Vert Shock review here).

Make sure to take advantage of Plyometric exercises to increase your vertical jump fast. Click here to go to our top “10 best plyometric exercises”.

2. Do Olympic Lifts – the “Snatch” and the “Clean and Jerk”

Working with Olympic weightlifting will help you build power into your body. Science has shown that Olympic lifts as well as Plyometric exercises are the two fastest ways to increase your vertical jump. Through Olympic lift your will target all the important muscles involved in jumping and you will do in a way that naturally improves your jumping motor pattern. However, you should not jump directly into the Olympic lift since they are quite technical. The best and safest way to for you to master the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk is to start working on small parts of the complete movement. Besides working on the different technical aspects you should start working on your mobility, which is covered further down in this post.

See tutorials on how to get started with the “Snatch” and the “Clean and Jerk” here!

3. Work on your technique

An often overlooked aspect of improving vertical is the simple focus on just working on proper jumping technique. The foot work and weight distribution just before the actual jump will determine your ability to transfer speed into jumping power.

In the Vert shock program, you will find technical drills to help you improve your vertical. Vert shock is an easy to follow program that will show you how to increase your vertical jump at home.

4. Improve your mobility

Mobility is the combination of strength and flexibility. What mobility means is being strong, stable and powerful in your end range. When trying to improve your vertical you want to teach your body to be able to handle all ranges of your movement capacity. If you only focus on flexibility, you will end up, not being able to take full advantage of the tension that is being build up in the stretch cycle just before the actual jump. Loaded stretching is a very good tool to help you build mobility instead of “just” going for flexibility. You may also be surprised be the speed that you achieve new ranges of motion.

5. Get proper amounts of rest

When working on your vertical and putting in extra load in the form of Plyometrics and Olympic lift, it is of utmost importance that you ensure proper amounts of rest. If you work hard you need to rest hard. Few people realize that it is NOT the workouts that make you stronger, it is the recovery in between. The key areas you need to focus on to get sufficient and quality rest is:

  • Proper hydration meaning that you should at least be drinking 2 liters of water on a daily basis. The harder you work, the more you need to add on top of the 2 liters.
  • Real nutrition in form of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats.
  • Sufficient quality sleep.
  • Use recovery supporting supplements like Magnesium if needed.

Make sure to get sufficient recovery in the periods when you work on improving your vertical.

6. Use visualization techniques

As a former elite athlete and working as a coach today, I know of the power of visualizations and I am not alone. I remember the first time I was introduced to visualizations, I did find it a bit odd to just sit and run movies in my head, but it did not take me long to see the improvements it made in my performance.

To use visualizations to improve your jumping abilities you should work on the different aspects of the jump.

  • the steps leading up to the jump,
  • the actual set off,
  • the fly time and
  • the landing.

If you do sports like basketball or volleyball, simply visualize yourself in the middle of a game going for a dunk or smash.

Visualizations is something you should not skip when looking for ways on how to improve your vertical jump quickly.

Final note on how to improve your vertical – commitment!

Now it´s up to you to start taking advantage of the many tools provided. Make a commitment to stay focused and work hard for at least eight weeks and I am convinced that your will be surprised by the gains you will have made. Make sure to use Plyometric exercises as a minimum.

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