Top 10 best Plyometric exercises to increase your vertical

top 10 best plyometric exercisesPlyometric training is great form of training if you are looking for a way to improve your vertical. Compared alone Plyometrics is a better way to get a higher vertical when compared to weight training. However, the combination of the two (especially if choosing Olympic weight lifting exercises) has been proven to be the best way (by far) to increase vertical jumping ability. Choosing the best plyometric exercises is crucial to your success.

All Plyometric exercises are done quickly and correctly. Every action is done in the intent to have a muscle reach full movement as quickly as possible. The best plyometric exercises are done with body weight (no additional resistance). Some of the best plyometric exercises are jumping up and down off of wooden boxes, leaping side to side, hopping as high as possible and doing press ups with hand claps. Below you will find our top 10 best plyometric exercises if you want to increase your vertical.

Our top 10 best plyometric exercises (with progressions)

  1. Box Jumps (double leg/single leg/weighted)
  2. Tuck Jumps
  3. Depth drop Jump (double leg/single leg/over barrier/long jumps)
  4. Lateral high Jumps (double leg/single leg)
  5. Alternating Split Squat Jumps
  6. Up Hill Squat Jumps
  7. Standing Long Jumps (double leg/single leg)
  8. Bounding (double leg/single leg/lateral/over barrier)
  9. Ankle hops (double leg/single leg)
  10. Square Jumps (double leg/single leg)

Final thoughts on Plyometric workouts

As with any type of exercises, your first priority should be to watch out for your body. Plyometrics are high impact exercises so before you jump into plyometrics, make sure you have no injuries. If you do not have any knowledge or experience on how to design plyometric workouts, please contact an experiences plyometrics trainer. That being said…performing the 10 best plyometric exercises each week can increase your vertical jump, speed and strength.

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