Vert shock free download ebook and EXTRA bonus

Vert Shock free download ebook and EXTRA bonus!

The Vert Shock free download will give exactly what it promises – “4 inches to your vertical in an hour”.

We decided to test the super easy strategies presented by Adam Folker in his free Vert Shock pdf. The results were stunning. Everyone who participated in our little challenge session finished with a minimum of 4 inches – just as promised – even though we all were using soft or minimalistic shoes (we may have had an even better increase with the right type of shoes recommended in “pro jump hack#3” in the free vert shock pdf)


What’s inside the Vert Shock free download ebook?

The vert shock free download pdf basically shows your 4 simple “pro hacks” that will help you increase your vertical. The 4 hacks will help you in 4 important areas when it comes to jumping higher:

  1. Mobility and muscle performance
  2. Proper vertical technique
  3. Best foot wear for maximum power development
  4. Getting into the right mindset.

Allthough the 4 “pro hacks”, shared by basket super star Adam Folker, in the vert shock free download ebook almost seems “to basic” they all makes perfect sense and the result do their own talking.


Additional vert hack BONUS!

We thought we wanted to spice things even more up, So we tested a couple of other performance enhancing techniques after playing around with the great stuff from the Vert shock free download ebook. Below we have put together additional techniques you can do to instantly improve your vertical and other things that will work more on the long run.

Additional techniques to instantly improve vertical:

  • Do a proper warm up. First things first.
  • Jack up your nervous system with heavy load like 1-3 sets, 1-2 rep of a 3-5 RM front squat. Wait a couple of minutes and retry your vertical
  • Slap your muscles awake. Slap your hands on the muscles involved in jumping: calf, hamstrings, quads, glutes and go straight for the vertical just after.
  • Vizualise a vertical 3-5 inches higher than the previously attempt
  • Do a couple high leg tuck jumps – with 3-5 regular bounces in between. Wait 30-60 sec. Amd go for your vertical.

Additional techniques to improve your vertical in the long run:

Focus your workouts primeraly on plyometric exercises and secondary on olympic lifts – “The Snatch” and the “Clean and Jerk”. Science has found this to be the most powerful combination to improve jumping power.

  • Improve your mobility with loaded stretching.
  • Finish your workouts with stability work for your ankle-knees-hip chain. Weakness in one of the three areas will make you much less efficient in two very important areas: 1) muscle outcome and 2) decreased ability to take advantage of the tension that is build up in your tendons during the loading fase. Both things something you defiently want to avoid when trying to increase your vertical. NEVER use a regular balance board. The rotation that can occur on the board will make you sink into a faulty pattern keeping you unstable. Work on an non-rotational surface with exercises like:
  • One leg balance with your knee straight and making yourself as tall as possible. Progression is to: a) swing your free leg around, b) eyes closed and c) eyes closed and swing free leg. Do 3-5 sets of 30 sec work. (This will work more on your ankle stability).
  • One leg balance with knee bend to most unstable position while making your upper body as tall as possible. Progression and workouts as above. (This will put more emphasis on hip stabilty).
  • Hip hikes. Do 3 sets of 15-25 reps
  • Single leg paloff press. Do 3 sets of 30 sec. hold.
  • Box step ups fully controlled. Put full load on your front leg. Step up slowly while focusing on: 1) aiming as high as possible with the top of your head, 2) not collapsing your medial arch on your foot (falling into pronation) and 3) pressing your knee laterally so it looks like it is aligned just outside your pinckie toe (in reality it will right in the middle of your foot ). Progresseion is making the box higher without losing quality. Do 3-5 sets of 5-8 reps.

Vert shock free downloadI really hope you decide to put in the effort and really boost your vertical. Remember to grab your free copy of the vert shock free download ebook. Just click the image to the rigth and enjoy the “pro hacks”. If you are comsidering going for the full vert shock program you can read our full vert shock review here.


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