Vert Shock review and BONUS – Does Vert Shock work?

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Vert Shock is a top Plyometric vertical jump program created by one of the best dunkers ever seen in Basketball. Vert Shock is a great program if you are looking for at SAFE and FAST way to dramatically increase your vertical. The program comes with detailed workouts, great instructional videos and full support. By far the best and most comprehensive program I have come across if you want to improve your jumping abilities!

Vert Shock Review – Does Vert Shock work as promissed?

Hi and thanks for stopping by this Folker System Vert shock review. I will take you through all the important details, pros and cons of Vert Shock in this Vert Shock review, but before doing so I just quickly want to share my own story and how I finally managed to boost my vertical with a whooping 11 inches.

Vert Shock by Adam Folker


Overall rating


Easy to use




Results from program



  • Really easy to follow with day by day printable schedules!
  • Great exercise instructions!
  • Based on solid strength science principles!
  • Safe no matter current level of fitness!
  • Full refund if you don´t achieve minimum 9-15 inches after the eight weeks!


  • You need to be able to dedicate 8 weeks of work

During my entire life I have been really active and doing lots of sport (primarily gymnastics), but never seemed to have the same jump strength as my friends. It killed me to constantly having to work harder to achieve the same skills I saw my friend achieving with more ease. With my interest in sports and rehab I became a personal trainer and sports physiotherapist (which today is my main work). Over the course of those many years I was constantly looking for ways to get stronger legs so I could improve my vertical, but always seemed to only get descent results.

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I knew about plyometric training but did not have the knowledge and experience to put it together into an efficient jumping system. Searching for programs doing exactly that I came across Vert Shock and started digging into the reviews and the content and found that it was exactly what I was looking for. But as any other program I had to follow through the get the results. To my surprise I gained 5 inches in the first week alone, simply by jump starting my system, and a total of 13 inches over the first 8 weeks. A lot of the tricks I love doing have become so much easier and fun to do.

Vert Shock Review

Adam Folker Vert Shock reviewSo, back to the Vert Shock review. Folker System Vert Shock is a great vertical jump online training system developed by Canadian professional baskeball player Adam Folker and award winning slam dunker Justin Darlington.  Vert Shock is a completely safe and effective program that gives really fast results with an expected increase in vertical between 9-16 inches without having to do any weight lifting.

As with most workout programs available online, VertShock is met with a lot of skepticism. However digging deeper into the content it becomes clear that Vert Shock is based on solid science which has been proven scientific to create the exact result talked about throughout the Shock program. The program uses targeted explosive plyometric training to shock the central nervous system of the body into jumping higher.

Vert Shock is all about teaching your body to use more fast-twitch muscle fibers during a jump so you get explosive results. Because Vert Shock is designed to target your fast-twitch muscle fibers, there is no need to kill yourself with strenuous, long-lasting workouts. The program is full of exercises to increase vertical.

VertShock is a full training system, meaning it has exercise videos, nutrition guides, technique analysis and other extras. The Shock program runs for a total of 8 weeks and is divided into 3 phase.

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1. Pre-Shock phase

The first week of Vert Shock is the pre-shock phase, in which your body is prepared for the rest of the course. You will be doing a short daily workout including dynamic warm up, jumping drills and cool down.

2. Shock phase

This is the bulk of the program and runs for 6 weeks where focus is in boosting your explosivity. Every week contains specific workouts, designed to ensure improvement in all the key areas to improving your vertical jump. You will be doing workouts 5-6 times per week (no longer than 1 hour). As with the first week each workout consist of a dynamic workout, different exercises and a cool down.

3. Post shock phase

The last week is the post shock phase and you might be feeling a bit sore at this point. This final phase of Vert Shock is all about teaching your muscles to act upon command, so they give you explosive performance without you having to think about it. The last phase is 6 workouts and one day rest.

Maintenance program

Once done with the shock program you can continue with the maintenance program which only has to be done once a week or take 2-3 weeks off and start all over with the Pre-Shock phase

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Folker System Vert Shock PROS

  • Vert Shock review prosYou can benefit from this program no matter age, gender or current level of fitness.
  • It does not require any gym equipment or gym membership. So no additional cost beyond sweat and a little hard work.
  • The workout sessions can take less than an hour.
  • Vert Shock is a digital, online membership site meaning you get instant access to all the materials and videos the second you join, even if its 3am.
  • While most programs require you to rest every other day vert shock is built in a way that stimulates your type 2 fibers through a chain of events that shocks your nervous system yet still allows your muscles to recover in time for the next workout.
  • Even though the program “only” runs for 8 weeks, the exercises and programs can be used for a much longer time, enabling you to further increase your vertical.
  • The special program design enables you to increase your vertical in weeks, what normally takes people months.
  • Vert Shock is completely safe due to the fact that the entire program is based on the most important feature when it comes to maximizing performance, RECOVERY. This way you get the best possible structural adaptation!
  • All the exercises and instructions provided in The Vert shock program is very user-friendly and safe to improve high jumping ability.
  • If you play Basket, The Folker System Vert Shock isn´t just going to increase your vertical jump, but it will also increase your lateral speed, increase your shot blocking and rebounding ability, increase your reaction time and ultimately dramatically improve your overall game.
  • Great bonuses that will help you improve your vertical jump even faster by avoiding the “4 Vertical Jump Killers”, learning the “5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher” and improving your recovery with the “Jumpers Diet Checklist”.
  • Access to the “Complex Training Techniques” to further develop your jumping skills after the 8 weeks of the Vert Shock program. It is based on heavy lifting to further increase fast twitch muscle fiber activation and enables you to build some raw jumping strength.
  • 60 day money back guarantee, which means that you actually have the time to go through the entire 8 week program and still be able to reclaim you money back if you are not satisfied.

Folker System Vert Shock CONS

  • To really sky rocket your vertical you need to stay committed to the program for its full 8 weeks. For some this intense program may be too much.

Final thoughts

To summon this Vert Shock review up, I believe that VertShock is the easiest, most effective and most fun vertical jump program currently available. I got the results I wanted and going through tons of other Vert Shock reviews I see that I am defiantly not the only one who ended up being surprised with the fast and significant results. You should expect to increase your vertical jump anywhere in between 9-16 inches. If you decide to try Vert Shock, then go full out. Pick a time where you can fully dedicate yourself and I think you will be amazed, just Iike I was.

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I hope this Vert Shock review has helped you to decide whether or not Vert Shock is something you want to try out. If so, put in all the effort needed and enjoy your improved vertical. To grab your Vert Shock review free bonus just click here.


Vert Shock is a top Plyometric vertical jump program created by one of the best dunkers ever seen in Basketball. Vert Shock is a great program if you are looking for at SAFE and FAST way to dramatically increase your vertical. The program comes with detailed workouts, great instructional videos and full support. By far the best and most comprehensive program I have come across if you want to improve your jumping abilities!

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